Snow, snow, snow!

Well, to say we were unprepared would be an understatement!!! Although the snow had been forecast for a days, the roads were not gritted, the traffic jams began and the accidents happened.....But on the positive side we had SNOW DAY!!!!! So much fun! I had a lovely 2hr walk with Mr Shortcake, we built a snowman, watched some families sledging in the park and walked round our area investigating the Snowings-on!!!

I've worked hard and tidied the studio, it's helped a lot and I've started to make some rag-dolls/cloth-dolls. I'm experimenting with shapes at the moment and have six patterns I'm working with. I'm also going to be doing different hair and clothing on them too. I'll post some photos when they're completed.

For now, adios!

1 comment:

Delightfully Delirious said...

I gather that the snow is on it's way back, so you might be in for more snow days yet!

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