I promised I would keep you updated so I will!!! And here it is, the studio, finished and finally organized! To see the before shot have a look here. I'm so pleased with it, I didn't leave it last night until I went to bed! I took some photos last night and a couple this morning so if the light is a bit off that's why and also because I'm no David Bailey!

The bookcase worked like a dream, the shelves are all movable so I was able to adjust them to the height of the books. I also managed to condense both bookcases in to this one which is great, the only things that don't have a home yet are my collection of Vogues and other magazines which will stay in the study (but that's the next project so enough of that!).

I had said that I wasn't going to touch the paint cupboard but I had second thoughts and I'm glad I did. It's lovely and organized now, and I don't have to remove eight tins of paint to find the one I want. I realized it was full of old, unusable emulsion, so I got tough and sorted out what I really didn't want.

The new sewing desk, it's so good I had to enclose two pictures! I love it! This was such a non-space before, I didn't know what to put on the wall and things used to just pile up at the side. The desk has plenty of storage and loads of workspace. The pin-boards where stuck behind a cupboard in Mr Shortcake's study so I gave them a coat of paint and hey presto! New inspiration-boards!
The call of Ikea was too great and I gave in a replaced my old desk sooner than expected, but I'm pleased I did as the room feels complete now and there are no finishing touches hanging over my head waiting to be done. This desk is smaller than the original but its shape makes it easier to use and as with the sewing desk I've added in extra storage.

I think I might send these to Ikeahacker as the units are for kitchens and the curtains are made from Ikea duvet covers! What do you think?


Delightfully Delirious said...

OH.MY.GOD!! I'm coming over now to swoon over this room!

sooziebee said...

very nice indeedy

gypsy said...

Tremendous change, totally motivating to have your own art space!

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