Dandelion Pancakes and Assignment 4b

The clouds over Nottingham are like a loved moth-eaten blanket today, keeping me warm by filtering pockets of beautiful sunshine into the garden. There is just enough to encourage the dandelions to open their full yellow, mane like flowers, which I duly plucked from their bitter stems:After a through wash to remove the creatures that also think dandelions are tasty, I dipped them in pancake batter and gave them a fry.

Although I wouldn't say they were outstandingly delicious as many TV faces would have you believe, they had an interesting savoury flavour and accompanied my classic lemon sugar pancakes just fine.

The Chai Latte was an extra treat to drive my perseverance forward to completing this next assignment. Only 8 weeks left and three more assignments (including this one) to go. I think this will be an unsettling period, the relief that the light is finally visible at the end of the tunnel but also the anxiety of what the future will hold, which paths to follow and adapting to the changes that are sure to come. It is exciting though!

Toodles for now!


Love, love, love...

I love the view of the sky from the windows of our apartment,

I love finding patterns and sparkles in DIY stores

I love special hot chocolates made by friends :)

I love playing in the garden and calling it work!

I love finding pretty friends

I love finding flowers that smell beautiful and bringing them home

I love fish

I love reaching the top

I love the coast, beaches and the sea

I love doing all those things in cute shoes too!

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