Love, love, love...

I love the view of the sky from the windows of our apartment,

I love finding patterns and sparkles in DIY stores

I love special hot chocolates made by friends :)

I love playing in the garden and calling it work!

I love finding pretty friends

I love finding flowers that smell beautiful and bringing them home

I love fish

I love reaching the top

I love the coast, beaches and the sea

I love doing all those things in cute shoes too!


theothermousie said...

Yay - what a beautiful post - with gorgeous pictures too! Hope you are well x

KtShortcake said...

Thanks for the lovely comment! :) I'm great thank you, stupidly busy with my course but not long left! Glad to see you and your beautiful family are well. x

Helen said...

How have I never seen your blog before... lovin' it! :) x

samia said...

lovely post.. and lovely shoes.. I enjoyed it alot..

KtShortcake said...

Thanks Samia! :) x

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