Phone camera...

Recently, I invested in a mobile phone with a decent camera, I'm not a fan of phone gadgets, as long as it makes calls and sends text messages I'm happy! So I have been embarking on training my brain to remember I have a phone at hand and use it more often! This week, between rain showers, I went to my local park......

I'm quite impressed with the outcome, I took plenty of photos of course but these were my favourites, the colours are inspiring.


I'm a bit behind the times it seems, as I've only just discovered the joys of Blogging! I've been inspired by many creative spaces and decide to give it ago.  I hope to keep it frequent but I have a habit of taking too much on, so apologies in advance for delays!  This space will be used to display things I like, things that inspire me and things I've created.  Let's see what happens...... x

About Me

"I eat grated cheese out of the bag, talk to my cat in French, name my cars according to their license plate and procrastinate a shockingly high amount! I'm a bag of contradictions."

This is what I've written in my Blogger profile to give a brief insight in to the workings of my little brain. I have neglected to mention that I am a teacher, artist and entrepreneur. I like things to be organised and tidy so I make a lot of lists! I've recently relocated to the United Arab Emirates with Mr Shortcake; we brought the cat along for the ride too. I'm newly married and enjoying concocting plans for our future together.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, if you have any questions please feel free to email me at Ktshortcake at hotmail dot com!

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