Excuse the poor quality picture (phone camera!) but I wanted to share the fact that I'm finally creating some sketchbook work I'm pleased with :)

I've been making an effort to use sketchbooks again since encouraging my students to do so in lessons. Over the summer I cracked my 'white page' and 'precious' issues and began using an A4 hardback to doodle in, this has been my launching point. It has provided a personal place to explore, to make mistakes and most importantly to play. This in conjunction with some great feedback and thought exchanging with friends has given me the confidence and inspiration to start a new sketchbook dedicated to a new project. More will be revealed at a later date. I had forgotten the joy of a project that is self motivated, virtually all of my work over the last 10 years has been for courses, work or because I felt I 'should' be working rather than wanting to.
I'm enjoying this exploration so much, I plan to encourage the feeling to stay!

Toodles for now,
Kt -x

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