A Lovely Surprise!

On returning home today, I found Mr Shortcake busy in the kitchen. When I enquired what he was up to, I was shooed away as he was creating a special Gluten & Dairy Free fruit cake, just for me!!! OOoohhhh, lovely!! He has never baked so this was a very special treat and it is delicious....light, fluffy and fruity, so good with vanilla ice cream!! The recipe is on the This Morning website, it is labelled Gluten-free, it was aired today! Enjoy....


I've finally done it! Yay! I've opened my Etsy shop under my blog name...www.ktshortcake.etsy.com. I've listed five paintings so far. It's all so exciting! They are all hand-painted by me. I'm going though a little change in technique and inspiration so new different piece will be added soon.


Well, it was back to work for me yesterday but what a lovely day to go back! I was fortunate enough to be included on a field trip to Lawrence Field, in the Peak District National Park....such a beautiful place! We ventured in to a disused quarry to climb and this is what we were confronted by...

...A beautiful forest of Silver Birch trees embedded in thick spongy grass!!

The rock faces were beautiful and surrounded a still pool, it was cold and damp but the scenery made up for it!!

The autumn leaves glistened like dropped coins, a very romantic place! Even if the rambling sheep interrupted the silence occasionally!!
I love Autumn (or Fall if you're reading this in America!!). I love the colours, I love the cold, I love big winter coats, I love the steam of your breath outside, I love hat and glove sets, I love Bonfire night, and most of all I love the excuse to cuddle on the sofa to get warm!

So go cuddle!!


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