Winging it!

A very lovely and talented friend of mine is holding an exhibition of some of her work and I feel it is my duty to share it with you!

Heather Zeale and Charlotte Knight
Winging it,
an exciting exhibition of contemporary textiles based work.
The Theatre
Chipping Norton
28 June - 19 July 2009

Heather Zeale is delightful (although I am biased!) Her work is gorgeous, a blend of print and embroidery, 2D and 3D. I find her very inspiring, see for yourselves:

I adore this cutlery! A tea cup and teapot have also been created for the exhibition, I can't wait to see it at the weekend. Heather is currently working on a website and I'm persuading her to create an Etsy shop!

Charlotte Knight is the other artist involved in the show. She is a print based artist currently working on paper, printing and manipulating her creations. I look forward to seeing her work at the exhibition.

So if you're in the Chipping Norton area over the next few weeks come and have a look!

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