Yesterday, I coordinated nicely with the train upholstery. Nails, dress, and coat all matched, Lovely! I was convinced if I sat still long enough I would disappear!

I was inspired by my surroundings yesterday, the train seats and my book bag contrasted nicely.

Waiting outside the station the Tarmac seemed creative...

I love the way the lines wear away, makes me think of photocopies and vintage screen prints.

Textured stripes, a muted palette. I want an outfit in these tones, or maybe I just want to blend in with my surroundings, first the train now the street!

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Miji pens, grapes and Inclusive practice...

Today is study-day! I have a few assignments to do and lessons to plan but an awful cold so I'm keeping my spirits up with blog breaks, fresh coffee and fruit!

This is my first post from my iPhone, I'm interested to see how it turns out!

I'll be back in a bit with some pictures I took yesterday :)

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New Year, New Post, New Goals!

2010 is here. (I know, it's been here for 18 days but I was slow to realise!)

2009 was productive, I started my teacher training, I learned to knit, I met some fantastic people, changed my hair, sorted out the studio, brushed up on my snowboarding, spent some time with the love of my life and GOT ENGAGED!!!

So what will 2010 hold?

I'm going to make some goals rather than resolutions. The teacher training is sinking in and they will be SMART:

So first up is.....

1. Finish assignments 3days early. - That may not sound like a difficult task but it means I need to be spot on with my time management, planning and self-discipline, so its a good one to measure these against!

2. Share more on the blog. At least once a week, doesn't have to be my own work but must have sources. - This also helps with my training as I am responsible for widening my subjec knowledge so it is reasonable that I share new things on here, it will also act as evidence that I have done some research!

3. Complete the activities in Danny Gregory's book, The Creative License by July. - Now before you say it, yes that is a long time, but I am also studying on a teacher training course full-time and have 5 assignments to do before the end of May so it's a balancing act!

Erm, for now, that appears to be it. BUT as they are goals, they can be added to or adapted as the year progresses, which I plan to do. (is that technically another goal?)

I'm off now to do some lesson planning, so see you later on in the week!

Toodles! Kt-x

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