I'm suffering from what I guess is a creative lull. Two action packed months out here in Dubai, with glorious weather followed by an intense week of sightseeing with my parents has clearly exhausted my creative flair. It's ok though, I know it will return. I've been using my sketchbook this week, the first time for months, and I start a new job at the beginning of next week so all will return to normal once more.

It has been a strange week for Dubai, the weather suddenly changed, humidity and temperatures rose and a lingering sandstorm imposed itself on the city. I stayed in the apartment most of the time as I'm not one for getting clammy. Then yesterday the sandstorm gave way to cloud and lots of it. By the evening we were watching a fantastic display of lightening and heavy rain. I believe it rained for most of the night.

It has left this morning feeling fresh and regenerated, but cloud and drizzly; the balcony is bearable this morning, allowing me to write this out here and enjoy my morning cup of coffee. I also receive delivery of my hire car today, I'm a little nervous about driving on the crazy roads!

For now though, I will endeavour to continue with my regular blog posts. I know they don't give a lot away about my personal life and creativity, that will come with time. Soon I hope to inter-disperse them with posts about new work and adventures.

Until then, your patience and feedback is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Love love love,



I've been Missing In Action as my Folks came to visit. I had the best of intentions to continue blogging while they were here but this never transpired; I was having way too much fun at the water park/dune-bashing/going up the world's tallest building etc! Normal service will resume with a (slightly late) On The Beach post.


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