Pancakes or Crepes = Yummy!

I love breakfast but it's posed a bit of a problem for my the last couple of years as I was diagnosed with some food intolerances. A fair few to be exact! I've got a lot of them under control now but I still have to eliminate Gluten, Dairy, Soya and concentrated fruit juice from my diet! I've got a pile of fabulous cook books but I came across one last year that is now invaluable, all because of one recipe, yes, you guessed it, Crepes!

Oh, how I love thee! My heart was broken when I had to give up cakes and pastries but when the realization hit me that it meant crepes too, well, I was devastated! :( I experimented with shop bought, as I have with the cakes too, but they're never up to scratch, dry and crumbly. I sourced some flour I could use but couldn't get the old family recipe to work right, then along came the book! I'm pleased to say I now frequently have crepes for breakfast, and numerous other times of the day which gives me great joy! I'm a traditionalist, it's always lemon juice and sugar for me, but my, they are delicious!!

Just thought I'd share a little of my obsession with you!! :) What food could you not live without?

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Delightfully Delirious said...

I tried to live without chocolate, managed it for 18 months, but life became dull and tiresome, so I guess that chocolate is it!

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