New Year Resolutions, An Update!

I'm please to say that I'm working quite well on a few of my resolutions. I'm drinking far less coffee, turns out it was affecting my sleep by making me over heat! I've been commenting on more blogs, which is great, especially when you get responses, I love the interaction! Sweets have been cut out from my diet, not completely but enough :P we've got a Learn Spanish pack from Mr Shortcake's mum, the Etsy shop exists just need to sell something! The house has also begun it's transformation, I did a big de-clutter in the lounge the other day and my studio is in the process of being kitted out!

This week is half-term holiday so I hope to be very productive, I'll keep you posted on any further developments!


1 comment:

sooziebee said...

hi there, great blog, will def be popping by again, and well done with the resoutions, nice to meet to you x x x

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