25 Random Things about ME!!

Time to share a little about me......

A friend sent me a request for 25 random things about me through a networking site, I quite enjoyed the process of writing the list so I thought I would share it with you too!!

Here it goes...

1. I want to be a teacher
2. I don't like kids!
3. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs
4. Shoes are my only addiction
5. I used to have a phobia of knives
6. I used to be afraid of heights!
7. I climb rocks (real and fake)
8. I only had 3 wisdom teeth, now I have none!
9. I won a prize in an Art competition when I was 5
10. I talk to my cats and they understand me :)
11.I can speak a little Spanish
12. Whistling drives me absolutely crazy :(
13. I don't like my knees being touched
14. I collect Bhudda's
15. I eat in my sleep (not literally but I make eating sounds apparently!)
16. 16 is my lucky number
17. I like to act like I'm six, 'cos it's cute!!
18. When I grow up I want to be taller....
19. I talk too much
20. I'm scared of going blind as my Nan did :(
21. Chickens WILL be my next pet!!
22. I want to dress like a Japanese girl ( a little inappropriate for work!)
23. I'm allergic to almost everything!
24. I wish I could sing!
25. I LOVE to CREATE!!! (but I'm a little lazy!)

Try writing your own list, it's funny to see all those things together!!




Anonymous said...

Number 5 - I used to have a phobia of knives. I knew a girl that still has this phobia. If you stand in front of her and run your index finger across your own neck, she panics! Its the weirdest thing.

Top post though! Very interesting.

KtShortcake said...

Thanks very much!!

Yes it is a strange phobia, it got so bad I couldn't cut up my food!!! Luckily I have a very understanding, and pushy! boyfriend that helped me work through it!!!

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