New look, new features...

As I've started a new life in another country I thought it was an appropriate time to give my blog a makeover. I hope you like it! I'm very new to the html editing that goes alongside running a blog, so with the help of the Blogger forums, my time and patience I've finally got there!

I'm also going to be introducing some regular features:

On the beach - Mr Shortcake and I have pledged that we will walk down our local beach at least once a week together. The beach is a magical place for me, evoking childhood memories of holidays, books and movies. I do also find that the beach can be a strange place where treasures can be washed up and wondrous moments can be witnessed; I plan on documenting these findings in my weekly blog post!

Love love love - I have used this title once before but I think it's very appropriate as I use the term so very often! I will be posting three things I love every week; whether it be art, music, places, people, food… who knows! I will share my inspiration with you.

Coloration - a fortnightly post of photographs involving colour in my neighbourhood. They will be themed: one colour per post, sometimes a combination.

Ornamentation - alternating with Coloration, this will include images of patterns and flourishes I've discovered in my daily adventures.

Although an 'on the beach' post has already snuck in I'll be starting these regular features from Sunday. Until then I'm going to allow my brain to relax by spending some time on the beach……

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