Ruts, interviews and other excuses....... :)

Well, I just had a shock! I've just seen the date of my last post, very bad!

It's been a strange few months actually, I finally got the courage up to apply for University to do my teacher training, the interviews came through really quickly and after a full stress out and unnecessary panicking I have accepted a place! Roll on September!

I've also been snowboarding in Austria, which was A-mazing!!! BUT I twisted my knee on the first day trying to conquer a drag lift (if you don't know what that is, it's better off that way, they are not friendly to snowboarders!), which I coped with fine until the last day when I decided to go for it and started to practice jumps....oh dear! I spent 3 weeks strapped up when I got home and wobbled around on crutches for a little while!!! Still, the NHS were good to me and it appears to be fine now!

Hopefully I have also started to conquer my creativity rut. I'm one of those frustrating people that can dole out advice to others but never listen to it myself! I have a terrible fear of rejection and no confidence in my work at all, even when I have people ordering paintings and other things I just don't see it!! That was part of the reason why I started this blog, to get my products out there for some feedback, but instead I have shied away from putting things on, giving reasons like 'it's not finished yet', 'I've not listed it on Etsy yet' (which, by the way, doesn't happen either!) and various other excuses!

Well, I bit the bullet yesterday and visited my local craft shop The Textile Workshop. I needed to have a chat with Karen about a placement before my course starts so I thought I'd take some things up and see what she thought. I'm really pleased to say she liked them all! I took a couple of dolls, paintings, my knitting needle case and some purses I've been working on, which she would be pleased to put in the shop for me. We had a lovely chat and I came away feeling positive and inspired. It's half-term for me this week so I'm planning to finish things off, label up and pop them up to the shop for display. The remaining things WILL go on Etsy and Folksy and I WILL create some more!!!!

I suppose the moral of the story is to just do it, as the old skool Nike ads used to say! Having a chat with Karen was the best idea I've had for a while, I only wish I'd done it sooner! Oh well! It's all good now!!

Right, off the Hobbycraft to stock up on supplies!!


Goth Honey said...

About bloody time!!! :D Seriously, I really don't know why you're always so surprised about stuff like this, your creations are brilliant. I want a preview of your new range before you take them up to the shop!



theothermousie said...

Good luck with everything - crafters block is a nightmare!

Hope your knee continues to mend too x

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